RST-5™3 (Resin Separation Technology) is a new, unique, cleaner, specifically designed for the polymer processing industries. It cleans oils, greases, resins, silicones, tars and other waxes, creams and polymer based materials.
Cleaning Agents2
  • Industrial Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Power Towel
Industrial Soap
  • RST-5 for Polyester Resin
RST5-5 Blue RST-5 concentrate Blue 5 Ltr. Can
RST5-200 Blue RST-5 concentrate Blue 200 Ltr Barrel
RST5-1000 Blue RST-5 concentrate Blue 1000 Ltr. BMC
  • RST-5 for Heavy Duty (Polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy Resins, Gell-Coats)
RST5-5 Black RST-5 concentrate Black5 Ltr. Can
RST5-200 Black RST-5 concentrate Black200 Ltr Barrel
RST5-1000 Black RST-5 concentrate Black1000 Ltr. BMC
Hand Soap (3 in 1)
  • Hand Protector, Hand Cleaning, Hand Care.
  • Using with or without water
RST5 HS Tube RST 3 in 1 hand soap in 100ml tube packed 12 tubes in 1 box
RST5 HS Can RST 3 in 1 hand soap in 5 kg can
Handpump Handpump for handsoap 5 kg can
Power Towel1
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Non-woven towel impregnated with a special RST-5 liquid, 100%

solvent free and can clean surfaces and yours hand from polyester, Epoxy, Glue, Paint, Ink, Polyurethaan, Etc. As long as the resin   or sealants are uncured

RST5-PT80 PowerTowel Cylinder with 80 wipes packed 6 cilinders in 1 box
Handpump PowerTowel Cylinder with 150 wipes packed 6 buckets in 1 box